Why study German? 

The German language is one of the most spoken worldwide. It serves about 100 million people as their mother tongue and about 80 million people as a second or foreign language.


The German language is increasingly gaining importance in the economy. It currently ranks fourth after English, Chinese and Spanish. The German market in Austria, Switzerland and Germany is also increasingly growing in attractiveness. Well-founded language skills can be the key to your economic success.


By learning a foreign language, you improve the understanding of your native language. You get to know the roots and basics of your own language properly, because you must think about how sentence structures work or how to break down the accents for each syllable.

What is your benefit? 

Save time and money as our online courses are modern and effective. Learn the language from a native speaker with a proven experience of distance learning. Whether you use traditional books or e-learning platforms, you decide!


Additionally, learn from wherever you want. Simply connect to the Internet and you are all set. Use your phone, tablet or laptop. All this without the hassle of traffic jams or driving to class. Gain flexibility and independence!

Why study German with us? 

With Frelly Services SRL you can choose your German course at any level you wish. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced speaker, we will help you grow.


Our online courses are designed to help you overcome the linguistic barriers. You will quickly learn to master the German language.


We focus on modern teaching methods and interactive techniques. You benefit here from our personal trainers with native language skills.