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Digitisation and Automation Package

Improve the efficiency of your business with customised digitisation and automation solutions. Under the guidance of our experienced COO, we develop optimisation recommendations, implement new processes and monitor them through continuous monitoring and reporting.

Customer Experience Package

Improve your customers' experience with our dedicated service. Our expert virtual assistants respond to client queries as quickly as possible, ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction.

Marketing and sales package

Increase your visibility and sales with the Marketing and Sales Package. Our team will assist you with marketing strategy development, content creation, social media marketing, SEO and sales support.

Back Office Optimisation Package

Make your office run smoothly with our back office optimisation package. Our assistants will help you with email and calendar management, HR tasks, project support, translation, sales support and accounting preparation.

With our comprehensive range of virtual assistance services, we offer you effective solutions to the challenges of modern business life.

Tailor-made and with personal support!

Business Support Package

Get comprehensive support for your business with our Business Support Package. This offer includes all of our services and is designed for a long-term relationship so that we can provide your business with the best possible support.

The Transformative Power of Virtual Assistance

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Our dedicated team of virtual assistants provides small and medium-sized businesses with service packages tailored to their needs and challenges. With us by your side, you can focus on what really matters—your core business.

The Digitisation and Automation Package is our answer to the need for effective digitisation and automation of your business processes. We analyse and optimise your existing processes, advise you on potential improvements and implement automation tools tailored to your needs. Our COO, an expert in Kaizen principles, will guide you personally.

With the Customer Experience Package, we ensure that you receive excellent and personalised customer service. Our virtual assistants speak your customers' language and can respond to their needs. We ensure that your customer enquiries are answered quickly and effectively. In doing so, we make use of the preferred channels of your customer base. Of course, we use methods such as surveys, CSAT, NPS, CES and social media monitoring to document progress and continually improve the quality of our work.

Our marketing and sales package is designed to strengthen your online presence and effectively reach your target audience. We develop tailored marketing strategies, content creation, SEO, and social media marketing. In addition, we can provide you with sales support. Our aim is to create a strong and consistent brand presence for you, helping you to attract and retain potential customers.

Through our back office optimisation package, we can help you with all your administrative tasks. From calendar and email management to HR support, project support, sales support and accounting preparation, we ensure that your business processes run smoothly and efficiently.

Finally, the most comprehensive solution is our Business Support Package, which combines all the above services in one package. It is designed for a long-term relationship and supports your business in all areas.

Discover with us the transformative power of virtual assistance!

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