About Frelly Services

Frelly Services SRL is a Bucharest-based company that provides professional language and consulting services such as translations, language courses, job consulting, and personal development. We provide quality translation services to companies and individuals in Romania and around the world.


We believe that localization of services is paramount to our success, and we consider our work successful only when our customers are satisfied with the results.

Explore New Horizons With The Best Language Guide

Through language learning and cultural understanding, we help individuals make the right connections that open up opportunities for growth and success. We utilize our vast wealth of experience and our amazing team of language experts to teach you the respective language and instill confidence in our students so that they can be ready to take on new opportunities and enjoy enriching experiences wherever they are in the world.


What makes us Different?


Our management team has a multicultural, multilingual, and multidisciplinary experience. They provide a combination of a multinational company skill set and the attention to detail of a small business.


Native Translators


We believe that studying a language is not enough to qualify as an expert translator. Understanding the nuances and local idioms of culture requires a profound experience of living and working in the region for a very long period of time. This is why translation specialists at Frelly are native speakers who can ensure you get correct, culturally accurate and reliable translation services.


Assured Confidentiality


We take all necessary measures to ensure that your personal and professional privacy is protected, and we guard against the theft of your intellectual property. We comply with all confidentiality laws so that your digital products and information are secured.


Fast, Efficient and Affordable Service Delivery


We utilize cutting-edge technologies to ensure prompt and convenient delivery of our services to our clients. We provide language services quickly to meet tight deadlines at affordable rates.