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Enhance your skills, build your future!

Professional and personal development, job consulting, translations

We offer you the perfect all-round package to shape your own future. Benefit from our professional services such as marketing and language courses, job consulting, personal development or quality translations. Through our long experience and thanks to our selected partners, we offer you the best ways to improve yourself and create new opportunities.

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What do we offer?

Marketing Course

  • Learn how to position your product or service

  • Stand out in a crowded market and increase your sales

  • Learn more about your customer and how to approach him

  • Find the best channels to promote your products or services

  • Which social media platform works best for you?

  • Learn how to create meaningful content

Personal Development

  • Online live consultation

  • Have a better self-awareness

  • Enjoy higher Self-esteem

  • Get a confidence boost

  • Be less stressed and more creative

  • Get a sense of direction

  • Have clarity on your goals

  • Improve your focus and effectiveness

Job Consulting

Application Documents

  • Review and improvement of CV and cover letter

  • Creation of CV and cover letter


Job interview

  • Preparation for job interview and potential questions

  • Improvement of German language skills


  • Financial document translation

  • E-learning translation

  • Legal document translation

  • Marketing translation

  • Human resource translation

  • Government and public sector translation

  • E-commerce translation

  • Medical and life sciences translation

Language Courses

  • Online live class

  • Courses for adult, teenagers and children

  • Group and individual course

  • for professional and private use

  • All levels, from beginner to advanced

  • German and English available

What makes us Different?

Confidence Building

When it comes to consulting, it's all about profound qualifications and a wealth of experience. That is why we rely on our team of experienced professionals. Through a personalized approach, we can help you to develop your skills, build your confidence, and achieve your goals.

Native Translators

Understanding the nuances and local idioms of culture requires a profound experience of living and working in the region for a very long period of time. This is why our translation specialists are native speakers to ensure you get correct and reliable translation services. 

Assured Confidentiality

We take all necessary measures to ensure that your personal and professional privacy is protected, and we guard against the theft of your intellectual property. We comply with all confidentiality laws so that your digital products and information are secured.